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Dad’s garden

So apparently I inherited my love for growing veggies from my dad.  He lives about 300 miles south of me in Kingwood, TX, just outside of Houston.  We always talk about how our gardens are doing and what’s growing.  Since he’s so much further south, he was able to plant about a month before me, and his garden is doing fabulous.  Clearly from the pics, he loves to grow tomatoes (as do I – what’s not to love about homegrown tomatoes?!).  He’s hoping for a better crop than last year, and from the looks of it, I think he’ll get it. 

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everything is blooming – week 2

My plants are finally starting to take off.  Up until this point, their growth has been slow, but they seem like they are about to all shoot up.  I have lots of stuff blooming, and my first few tomatoes have revealed themselves. 

view of the garden, standing in the tomato zone the tomato and pepper zone. Soon this should look like a jungle.

Yesterday everything got a healthy dose of liquid seaweed – yum.  That will be my primary fertilizer all year.  Last year I mixed up a big jug of Garrett Juice as well, but I haven’t needed that yet.  It helps with diseased plants and some insects, and is organic.  And of course, just like the seaweed, is super stinky. 

Green zebra heirloom tomato plant. This plant is doing well. I LOVED this variety last year, and the plant produced a lot.

Homestead tomato plant. This plant is the smallest tomato still, but has 2 tomatoes already! Go homestead go!

Sweet 100 tomato plant. I'm trying this guy out in a pot because I ran out of room in the garden.

Garden salsa pepper plant - my fastest growing pepper plant. If you look very closely, you can see the first little pepper on it.

And here are some pics of my giant (and some not so giant) herbs that I didn’t post last week:

Cilantro - I planted this from seed in the fall, and it grew really slowly all winter, and then shot up about 2 months ago. It's out of control now.

these chives are left over from last year - they lasted through the winter, and have taken off this spring. I like the flowers - really pretty.

my basil is starting to grow pretty fast. If it gets anywhere as big as last year, it will soon by taking over this area!

I planted 2 kinds of flowers in the veggie garden this year to help pollinate and keep bugs away – marigolds and sunflowers.

I planted several sunflowers thought the garden this year to help with pollination and bugs. I read that aphids love sunflowers so will stay away from other plants if you have them.

 And here’s everything else that’s growing: 

I'm thinking this guy is going to take off in the next week or so. I hope so - I want to make zucchini bread!

1 row of shalots, next to a flowering thyme plant

potatoes getting bigger everyday!

my onion plants are starting to flower. These are red and sweet yellow varieties.

Happy Gardening!

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