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first planting

Today it was sunny and 67 degrees, and I couldn’t help myself….I planted some flowers and herbs.  Only in pots in case we have another cold snap, but I’m really hoping spring is almost here and I just got a jump-start.  I’m trying my hand at some new flowers this year, hoping I will have some for cutting.  I planted peonies, runnuncolas, zinnias and marigolds, as well as a bunch of chamomile.  Now the waiting game to see if my seeds and bulbs will grow. 

Since I was already playing in the dirt, I thought I would try once again to plant a few peppers from seed.  I’ve tried 3 times to start my own peppers and tomatoes with no luck.  They always sprout, but never grow past a tiny little seedling.  I really want to grow a padron pepper plant and was unable to find a transplant last year, so am trying from seed.  I only did 6 pots so far, so we’ll see how they go!

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