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flowers in my garden

flowering basil. I know you are not supposed to let it flower, but these flowers pop up every day! Plus, the butterflies love them.

I noticed there is lots of stuff flowering all over my garden, so thought I would share.  

flowering tomato. Too bad not a fruiting tomato ūüôā


superbell flowers in a pot. One of my new favorite summer flowers - so pretty!


marigolds in the veggie garden.


sunflower almost blooming
my first plumeria flower!


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my plumerias!

Today I am introducing you to my plumeria¬†plants.¬† ‘You have plumeria¬†plants too?’, you ask?¬† Yes, in fact I do.¬† I decided to wait until they were completely out of hibernation and had their leaves before revealing them to you, my blog readers.¬† They looked mighty pathetic before….like a stick garden.¬† I’m sure my neighbors have really enjoyed looking at the pre-leaf plumeria¬†sticks in my front yard where they will live until fall.¬† Well, now the mighty plumeria have leaves, and hopefully flowers soon.¬†

here she is, the mother of all my plumeria plants (literally). More stems ready for their own pots - who wants a cutting?

You should know that my plumeria¬†garden (I call it a garden because it consists of 7 separate¬†plants – it’s getting out of control) all came from one plant.¬† That one plant came from a cutting of my parents plumeria¬†plant in Houston. ¬†The plumeria¬†is a magical plant that can reproduce through cuttings.¬† It also has seeds, but those are rather elusive.¬† One of my plants produced a seed pod once, and I nurtured the seed pod for 9 months (yes, it takes the same amount of time to successfully grow a plumeria seed as it does a human baby) and they did not grow.¬† Maybe they would have had a better chance if it hadn’t been severe weather season in North Texas and they had not been thrown across the backyard by a huge gust of wind.¬† Not to self next time a seed pod emerges – keep the seedlings somewhere sheltered.

Last year these beauties produced no flowers.¬† Zero.¬† Zilch.¬† Nada.¬† Not one single flower.¬† I see what looks like the start of a flower cluster on one plant, so I’m thinking flowery thoughts and giving them lots of encouragement (and plant food).

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